PSMTPennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy
PSMTPerfectly Secure Message Transmission (cryptographic protocol )
PSMTPlan Stratégique à Moyen Terme de l'UNICEF (French)
PSMTPilot Study Medication Technician (Arizona State Board of Nursing)
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This emerged only in responses when PSMTs discussed their confidence to teaching graphical representations, typified by a PSMT's confidence in teaching comparing distributions, "I have had great training in TinkerPlots and Fathom, this is a great way to teach students about the spread of data.
The following response shows how a PSMT acknowledged her view of statistics, "Most of the other tasks were more objective--making plots, comparing plots.
Another PSMT stated, "I would assume so many people are uncomfortable with statistics because so much of it is centered around thinking on your own rather than following a set procedure.
When interviewees discussed topics they were most confident to teach, 20 of 25 PSMT interviewees described the topics as "simple," "procedural," or "computational.
PSMT = preservice secondary mathematics teacher; LOCUS = Levels of Conceptual Understanding of Statistics; GAISE = Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education.
In typical secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs, PSMTs should have opportunities to develop statistical knowledge for teaching as learners in statistics courses, as well as courses focused on pedagogy.
In addition, we take a holistic approach to preparation to teach statistics that encompasses attention to how and why PSMTs may believe statistics is difficult and how this may impact their perceptions about their ability to teach statistics content (e.
PSMTs have both statistics self-efficacy and statistics teaching efficacy.
This article is part of a mixed methods study on preparedness of PSMTs to teach statistics (Lovett, 2016).
Research Question 3: From the perspectives of PSMTs, what factors and experiences influence their preparedness to teach statistics?
This study focuses on PSMTs prepared through university-based teacher preparation programs in the United States.
Rather, these institutions provide a context for a critical case of PSMTs that we hypothesize may have had university course experiences that attended to the importance of statistics in the secondary curricula.