PSPHPhosphoserine Phosphatase
PSPHProvidence St. Peter Hospital (Olympia, WA)
PSPHPseudomonas Syringae Pathovar Phaseolicola (bacteriology)
PSPHPhase Separated Petroleum Hydrocarbon (oil)
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Routine blood test, liver function test, tumor markers and radiography are of great significance to the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of PSPH and pancreatic body and tail carcinoma.
The treatment of PSPH caused by pancreatic body and tail carcinoma is usually composed of two aspects.
The next direction is to identify if selective clones of proliferating cells that may be affected by PSPH or by another of the discovered target genes with the intent of developing a non-surgical alternative treatment to surgery for OSA in children.
Phosphatases such as PSPH are an exciting prospective target for therapy in children with OSA.