PSPSPrivate Sector Participation Scheme (Hong Kong)
PSPSPaddle Steamer Preservation Society (est. 1959; Scotland, UK)
PSPSPower Steering Pressure Switch (engines)
PSPSProduct Software Programming System
PSPSPesticides Safety Precautions Scheme (UK)
PSPSPearl Street Power Station (New York City)
PSPSPost Spinal Pain Syndrome
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PSPS "he was just a perfect gentleman who wouldn't hurt a fly and in no way did he deserve to go like that.
PSPS Fox) 7-PS Woolfall treasure won eight times from 58 starts over jumps and on the Flat, and competed at the 2009 cheltenham Festival.
2, PSPS That was an especially curious display as he travelled like a dream for most of the race before the tank suddenly emptied two out.
PSPS Pipe has, however, continually insisted that Kings Palace was always going to be a better chaser, with this perfect-looking race no doubt a long-held ambition.
To detect an acceptable level of sensitivity and specificity for PSPS questionnaire, at 5 Percent level with power of 90 Percent , the required sample size was around 1200.
To check the normality of global score of PSPS questionnaire, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used.
Convergent validity was assessed by Spearman correlation coefficient between the global score of PSPS and other related questionnaires.
The mean global PSPS score between comparison and eating disorder groups had significant difference (14.
Table-2: Comparison of mean item scores for PSPS between eating disorders (N=133) and comparison (N=1038) groups.
For assessment of convergent validity, correlation between PSPS global score and Rosenberg self-esteem scale was -0.
The safe limit for PSPS, as set by Health and Welfare Canada, is 0.
It was obvious that there was an urgent need for purified PSPS, not just for preparing standards, but also for investigating new chemical assay approaches and, through biotechnology, for developing other rapid and inexpensive tests.