PSQAPseudo Subjective Quality Assessment
PSQAPseudo-Subjective Quality Assessment
PSQAPrivate Schools and Quality Assurance (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
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I look forward to fulfilling the requirements needed by PSQA in order to win the tender," he said.
The PSQA sector is also supporting private schools in implementing policies and regulations through a series of training workshops across a time span of three years, which now stands in its second year.
8 by January 1 if joining the Bangladesh school," the PSQA official said.
The new PSQA regulations came into effect in February 2013 and covers student protection, among others.
During school visits, a big part of the inspection process will focus on whether schools have abided by the specified CCTV location details and surveillance requirements," said Hamad Al Dhaheri, Adec's PSQA executive director.
Private school principals already have a copy of the new PSQA regulation handbook.
At the session, Adec officials briefed school leaders about the new PSQA regulations that came into effect in February 2013.
We will continue to work on attracting and supporting committed investors in order to help build new private schools in order to achieve Adec's vision," said, Adec's PSQA executive director Engineer Hamad Al Dhaheri.
In order to ease the process for committed investors, Adec's PSQA sector will provide all the incentives and support, from business development expertise to obtaining the necessary licences and approvals from the government entities.
During the meeting, it was emphasized that a school principal must consider him/herself in the position of a parent who is responsible for each and every single students at all times, whilst they are in the school care, including travelling to and from the school using school transport and moving between, waiting for, and taking part in all activities organized by the school," said Engineer Hamad Al Dhaheri, PSQA Executive Director.