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PSQMPerceptual Speech Quality Measure (voice quality analysis)
PSQMPatient Safety and Quality Monitoring
PSQMProgress in Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
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We have worked really hard this year to improve even further and we are very proud to achieve PSQM Gold".
Teacher Lorna Shipley, who has a part-time role overseeing the PSQM scheme in city schools, said: "This year, we're going for gold because we got silver last year.
As a result of the PSQM limitations, researchers are trying to come up with alternative, objective ways to measure voice quality.
PSQM produces a mathematical representation of acoustic signals that takes into account human physiology and auditory sensitivities.
PSQM is an ITU standard that defines a method for estimating the subjective quality of voice-band speech codecs.
Measurement capabilities include PESQ, PSQM and PSQM+, SNR, and echo as well as delay jitter, front-end clipping, and holdover time.
VQScope, a post-processing tool included with the system, supports adjustment of PSQM file alignment, display of speech files for comparison, and observation of result correlation to MOS.