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PSSOPass the Slipped Stitch Over (the knit stitch)
PSSOPolice Skills and Standards Organisation (UK)
PSSOPale Sulfonated Shale Oil (medical treatment)
PSSOProperty Seizure and Sale Order (Australia)
PSSOPurchasing, Safety and Security Office (National University of Singapore; Kent Ridge, Singapore)
PSSOPain Syndrome of Spinal Origin (biomedicine)
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Rather, the aim is to cultivate a holistic development in kids, enabling them to develop life skills which are of primary importance not only to survive, but rather to excel in today's competitive world," said Syed Ehsan Zafer, program manager at PSSO.
Taher also paid tribute to Prince Salman for his support for PSSO and his dedication to the cause of strengthening the Kingdom's security and development.
Through the science center and associated activities, PSSO aims to improve public awareness of science and promote scientific knowledge and its practical applications in ways that respect cultural diversity and freedom.