PSSUQPost Study System Usability Questionnaire
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As part of the PSSUQ, participants were asked about (1) the problems they had with the current TDS prototype over the study period and (2) their opinions about how to improve the system.
Abbreviations: AQ = ASQ question, ASQ = after-scenario questionnaire, AT = assistive technology, BCI = brain-computer interface, C = cervical, eTDS = external TDS, iTDS = intraoral TDS, NU = Northwestern University, PC = personal computer, PQ = PSSUQ question, PSSUQ = poststudy system usability questionnaire, PWC = powered wheelchair, SCA = Shepherd Center in Atlanta, SCI = spinal cord injury, SnP = sip-and-puff, TDS = Tongue Drive System.
Psychometric evaluation of the PSSUQ using data from five years of usability studies.