PSWFProlate Spheroidal Wave Function
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Figure 5 depicts a few distributions of PSWF eigenvalues.
As a result, it will be shown that the approximation error of using PSWF to represent a signal can be made small due to the fast eigenvalue decay.
The PSWF expansion is stable in the sense that a small change in the coefficients {[a.
2] is the ratio between the PSWF energy in [-1,1] to the PSWF total energy.
Indeed, the combination of resource stewardship via PSWFs on the one hand and adding an exchange rate dimension to monetary targeting (if and when the stewardship/PSWF approach falls short) will allow Canada to become at the same time a global energy superpower and a world-class manufacturing location.
However, Ottawa would be wise to encourage the creation of PSWFs on stewardship as well as on macroeconomic grounds, while at the same time urging the provinces to view PSWFs as a quid pro quo for the right and privilege of having exclusive access to nonrenewable resource revenues--a right that to my knowledge exists in no other federation.
Shen and Walter showed in [34] that the integer samples of the n-th PSWF eigenfunction of P[Q.
It is not obvious that sinc interpolation should produce an accurate approximation of a given PSWF on a long interval because only a finite number of slowly decaying shifted sinc functions are used in the approximation.
Noting that the Walter-Shen-Soleski method does not yield stable and accurate numerical estimates of the PSWF samples for large values of the time-bandwidth product, Karoui and Moumni [13] proposed an alternative method for computing the PSWF samples based on the Legendre polynomial expansion on [-1, 1].
Amjad informed the house that he held meetings with State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Maryum Aurangzeb, Co-Chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardhari, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali, IPC Minister Riaz Hussain Pirzada who assured support to PSWF if it succeeded in winning the bidding of hosting Congress.
The EC has also given approval of launching PSWF Web site on August 1,
He said the Annual Award of the PSWF will be held on Dec 25 at Lahore