PSWFProlate Spheroidal Wave Function
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However, Ottawa would be wise to encourage the creation of PSWFs on stewardship as well as on macroeconomic grounds, while at the same time urging the provinces to view PSWFs as a quid pro quo for the right and privilege of having exclusive access to nonrenewable resource revenues--a right that to my knowledge exists in no other federation.
Shen and Walter showed in [34] that the integer samples of the n-th PSWF eigenfunction of P[Q.
It is not obvious that sinc interpolation should produce an accurate approximation of a given PSWF on a long interval because only a finite number of slowly decaying shifted sinc functions are used in the approximation.
Noting that the Walter-Shen-Soleski method does not yield stable and accurate numerical estimates of the PSWF samples for large values of the time-bandwidth product, Karoui and Moumni [13] proposed an alternative method for computing the PSWF samples based on the Legendre polynomial expansion on [-1, 1].
Secondly, we want to compare the sine interpolated PSWF approximations on [-T,T] generated using only those samples [[phi].
n] the approximate PSWF obtained by sinc interpolating the KM-samples [[psi].
Next, we applied Karoui and Moumni's extension of the Walter-Shen-Solesky "sampling method" in order to build accurate approximations of the PSWFs over [-T, T] by sinc interpolating the PSWF samples.