PT1Photographic Intelligenceman First Class (Naval Rating)
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Due to the arrangement of the tracks with clear outward rotation and intermediate heteropody (1/3) along the trackway PT1 at Parede, we can assume that these features are more sauropod-like than ankylosaur-like.
The main component of PT1, P12, DG1, and DG2 is the monoester of pentaerythritol, diester of pentaerythritol, monoester of diglycerol, and diester of diglycerol, respectively.
The effect of individual parameters on the bioactivity of metabolite produced by Streptomyces sp PT1 isolate was calculated based on the first order equation stated as [EPSILON] = [beta]0 + [SIGMA][beta]iXi (1) where, E was the effect of parameter under study as elucidated by the inhibition of two test pathogens, Bacillus subtilis and Vibrio parahaemoliticus; [[beta].
tabela 04), os valores medios de F2 nas silabas T, PT2 e em VI compreendem os maiores valores medios de F2, enquanto PT1, POST e AF possuem os menores valores.
f) Rights to use haul road and jetty/port services granted to PT1, or a party nominated by PT1;
In a multivariate analysis, after different serovars and phage types and history of foreign travel were adjusted for, DCS was independently associated with serovars Enteritidis PT1 (OR 14.
Most substrates showed a neutral to slightly acid reaction and very acidic for substrates PT1 and PP7.
03 million[pounds sterling] to cover Phase I and II trials of its lead candidate, SASPject PT1.
Salmonella Enteriditis PT1 is the second most common strain of Salmonella in the UK, with around 2000 cases reported each year.
The PT1 gene test for pig appetite regulation allows pig breeders to more accurately predict and select the types of pigs they breed.
1] at each time point, although four samples under approximately 6 [micro]m in length (SC1, PT1, MG1, and TO1) had a low [[beta].
The Celesco PT1 measures 0-2 to 0-50 inches and offers many outputs: precision potentiometric, 0 -5 VDC or 0 -10 VDC, incremental encoder, and 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA.