PTBAPublic Transportation Benefit Area
PTBAProud to be American
PTBAPercutaneous Transluminal Balloon Angioplasty (cardiology)
PTBAProud To Be Australian
PTBAProgressive Taekwondo & Budo Alliance
PTBAPersonal Trainer Business Alliance
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They also invited him to chair a workshop on direct and indirect taxes to be organised by PTBA in Lahore in the coming month.
The ICM and center display infotainment module (CDIM) both provide instructional messages to the driver during feature operation and during the PTBA trailer setup process.
In this study, two possible phases of PTBA were optimized without any symmetry imposing and then corresponding electronic and optical properties calculated.
In Section III, performance evaluation results are presented along with comparisons with the PTBA and the EDLD schemes proposed in [6] and [7].
PTBA recorded first-half net income of Rp 908 billion, a 43 percent slump from the same period last year as selling prices plunged.
recreational bridge market by surveying key specifiers, namely USDA-FS Regional Bridge Engineers, PTBA Members, and Bridge Manufacturers.
While briefing newsmen about the business trip PTBA Secretary General Bhatti said that Uganda is a virgin market for Pakistani exporters and investors.
In a letter sent to finance minister PTBA said that a taxpayer suffering tax deduction of Rs 35000 and above under FTR was required to file the wealth statement till tax year 2013.
The PTBA General Secretary that it would particularly be helping the businessmen dealing in Food, Agriculture, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and Related Machinery.
PTBA said the company expected greater demand this year on the back of rising markets, particularly in China--Indonesia's main coal buyer--as the global economy recovers.
At PTBA, the DATAMINE software has been loaded on a Compaq 386/20e PC AT compatible computer, with a 120 Mb hard disk and a 4 Mb expansion memory board.
Representatives of PTBA, LTBA, and ICAP also supported the initiative of PRA and requested for holding separate educational seminars on STRIVE to make the system work more efficiently.