PTFPPublic Telecommunications Facilities Program
PTFPPublic Television Funding Program
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Most of the PTFP recommendations seem valid and useful: Journal editors should have primary responsibility for manuscript reviewer assignments; reviewers should possess the requisite expertise to provide insightful reviews of manuscripts in specific topical or methodological areas; processes and criteria used to guide selection of journal editors should be transparent; electronic submission and processing of social work research manuscripts should be normative; and journal editors should possess scholarly expertise and experience consistent with their editorial duties.
Several of the PTFP recommendations are appealing but not fully articulated.
However, the PTFP proposals that "social work journal publishers should inform authors about .
There are several additional potentially useful methods for increasing the effectiveness of publication practices in social work that were not included in the PTFP report but are briefly addressed here.
Although low journal impact factors were cited in the PTFP report as one potential reason for the failure of social work journals to attract more high-quality manuscripts, the report did not consider means by which the impact factors of social work journals could be increased.
At this early stage, assessing the real and potential effects of the PTFP report on journal publication practices is difficult.