PTINPreparer Tax Identification Number (US Internal Revenue Service)
PTINPostini Threat Identification Network
PTINPolskie Towarzystwo Informacji Naukowej (Polish: Polish Society for Information Science; Katowice, Poland)
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The cost of implementing this new program was to be paid for by annual fees collected from all practitioners, including the new group as well as attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents who were now required to obtain and annually renew numbers referred to as PTINs (preparer tax identification numbers).
50) The new Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) registration requirements (discussed in Section B), especially the new suitability requirements for anyone who will prepare all or substantially all of a return, should block unscrupulous preparers with a bad track record from receiving a PTIN.
6 (d) (3)requires enrolled retirement plan agents to have a valid PTIN to be eligible to renew their status as an enrolled retirement plan agent.
Philbrick, almost 500,000 PTINs were issued this year.
Recommendation: To improve implementation of the e-file mandate, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue should direct IRS officials to determine whether it would be practical and cost effective to use preparers' PTINs as the authorizing numbers to e-file their taxpayers' returns.
The proposed regulations would establish a $50 fee--payable to the IRS--to cover technology costs, as well as compliance and outreach efforts associated with the new PTIN program.
Preparer Tax Identification Number Application--The Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) application, lets a paid preparer apply for and receive a PTIN immediately over the Internet, eliminating the need to complete and mail a paper Form W-7P.
PTIN -- NSA led the initiative to have preparers' Social Security numbers removed from tax returns, protecting the preparer from identity theft and other misuses of that information.
PTIN will allow Postini to extend its services to customers that do not take its mail-filtering offering.
For practitioners, the FTB has access to the PTIN and the California Board of Accountancy address databases.