PTPAPeru Trade Promotion Agreement (est. 2006)
PTPAPublic Television Programmers' Association
PTPAPatchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts (Patchogue, NY)
PTPAPhysical Therapy Practice Act (various states)
PTPAPortal-to-Portal Act (labor law)
PTPAPacific Tractor Puller's Association (Hanford, CA)
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48) Peru has also created an independent forestry board to ensure that implementation coheres with both the PTPA and the Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species (CITES).
Tech It Up employs PTPA Media's Geek Tested Geek Approved Seal of Approval to promote winning products through an integrated campaign targeting millions of families across North America via social media, digital publications, newsletters, ecommerce, radio and national TV.
PTPA is reportedly the largest volunteer parent testing community with more than 65,000 parents is North America.
EIA noted that Peruvian agencies are exercising greater oversight over the industry; to conduct its analysis, the group used data from a government agency it said was reformed and strengthened under provisions of the PTPA.
The PTPA Seal is internationally recognised as a leader in certifying consumer products for quality, effectiveness and value.
In addition to the general requirement to effectively implement CITES, the PTPA contains an Annex on Forest Sector Governance that includes measures related to timber species listed under CITES as well as broader forest management and timber extraction issues in Peru.
If PTPA were a business, its motto might be 'proudly serving Provinces, Territories and Parliamentarians since 2004.
The PTPA Media Go-Green Award is committed to finding the latest and greatest products which leave little or no footprints on the environment, according to Sharon Vinderine, president of PTPA Media.
By signing the PTPA, Peru's President Alan Garcia cemented his reputation as a neoliberal and turned his back on the more populist policies of his first term as president in the 1980s.
The Bush administration had hoped to win approval of the PTPA last year, but decided not to push for a vote ahead of the November congressional elections, when many Democrats were running on an anti-FTA platform.
The United States has supported Perus efforts to improve forest sector governance by providing nearly $90 million in technical assistance and capacity building since the PTPA entered into force, including development of an electronic timber tracking system that will allow Peruvian authorities to trace every log from stump to port in order to better detect and address illegal logging.