PTQPro Tour Qualifier (gaming, Magic: The Gathering)
PTQPetroleum Technology Quarterly
PTQProper Treatment of Quantification in Ordinary English (article by Richard Montague)
PTQPut Together Quickly
PTQPrimary Transmit Queue
PTQPost-Test Questionnaire (various schools)
PTQPro Tanto Quid
PTQProgress Through Quality
PTQPartnering for Total Quality
PTQPercent to Quota
PTQPending Transaction Queue (computing)
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In the present study, the subjects' performance decreased in the PTQ, AP, and TW variables, corroborating the findings of Sesto and colleagues (33) and Paschalis et al.
Perhaps the strongest support that Objective 2 is being achieved came from the results of PTQ, which asked the respondents, "After your visit here, which one of the following best fits your feelings?
For formulations C and PTQ, borate and didecyl dimethyl ammonium carbonate (DDACarb) indicators, respectively, were used to measure penetration.
20) The case for the existence of nonhomogeneous processes is most clearly associated with the work of Barry Taylor in "Tense and Continuity" and Modes of Occurrence: Verbs, Adverbs and Events, and David Dowty in Word Meaning and Montague Grammar: The Semantics of Verbs and Times in Generative Semantics and in Montague's PTQ.
Accordingly, there was little relationship between temperature and humidity and PTQ in this study (Table 4).
Isolates from 10 Berlin patients were subsequently tested by the same reference laboratory in London and confirmed to also be PTQ, which suggests a link between these 2 outbreaks, even though none of the London interviewees reported travel to Berlin.
He also believes families who live on dairy farms could have been drinking contaminated milk transferred from dairy cows eating PTQ in the bracken.
And that means no pictures of this year's Miss PTQ Olivia.
The performance deficiencies identified on the videotaped record of events were compared with those that were apparent from each of the three retrospective self-reports: the written anesthesia record, the AQA, and the PTQ for the period that was videotaped.
This invitation is made on behalf of Rotherham Borough Council, whose contact address is Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham, S60 1AE, and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, whose contact address is Smithies Lane Depot, Smithies Lane, Barnsley S71 1NL, and all of the other local authorities in the United Kingdom (collectively described in the PTQ where the context requires as the Contracting Authorities ) who may wish to utilise the services of the successful Tenderer (s).
The Semantics of Verbs and Times' in Generative Semantics' and in Montague's PTQ.