PTRSParis Tuning and Racing Show
PTRSProbability of Technical and Regulatory Success (model)
PTRSPenetration Technique Research Site
PTRSProgram Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (US FAA)
PTRSPhilosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (journal)
PTRSProtivo Tankovoe Ruhze Sistemy Simonova (Soviet anti-tank rifle)
PTRSProject Technical Requirements Specification
PTRSPlain Text Request to Send
PTRSPacific Theater Requirements System
PTRSPortable Telemetry Receiving System
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Regarding the retreatment mean time, WS removed gutta-percha significantly faster than PTRS (p < 0.
This study set out to evaluate the effectiveness of this instrument in removing the filling material from within the root canal space, and to compare it with PTRS.
In addition, no differences between PTRS and WS were observed in apically extruded debris and procedural errors; however, WS needed less time to perform retreatment than PTRS.
It is briefer than any other PTRS of bistatic SAR [22], and can be viewed as a target function when we compute the PTRS of bistatic SAR, because it almost has no deducing error.
The 2D PTRS can be obtained by using POSP on azimuth:
To evaluate the different contributions of the transmitter and receiver to the total bistatic Doppler frequency in PTRS, we should express [f.
If the relationship is further used to model the transmitting and receiving Doppler frequencies, as (26) and (27), a PTRS of LBF style will be obtained.
As for case A, if we use OLBF to compute the PTRS, the square root (11) is meaningless because of the incorrect Doppler assignment.
Secondly, we use the ideal numerical PTRS, OLBF, ELBF and AILBF as matched filters for the method of 2D frequency domain matching to focus the echo of a point target P(0,0).
GLBF supplies us with a general tool to deduce bistatic SAR PTRS, and a theoretical ideal PTRS is given by ILBF.
Therefore, we should not determine the geometry configuration limits related to PTRSs of kind LBF by just judging the equivalence between [[?
Here in this paper, we propose another method to determine the type of bistatic configurations that the PTRSs of sort LBF can focus: