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PTSSPost Traumatic Stress Syndrome
PTSSPosttraumatische Stressstoornis (Dutch: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
PTSSPrecision Tracking Space System (US DoD)
PTSSPrecision Tracking Space Sensor (US DoD)
PTSSPost-Traumatic Symptom Scale
PTSSPostoperative Toxic Shock Syndrome
PTSSProcurement, Travel and Shipping Section (UN)
PTSSPublic Telephone Switching System
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Table 4 presents the two-way ANOVAs for race, grade and sex in those with PTSS and those without.
The devices also contain a chronometer, and they are nearly ubiquitous and are portable, and small enough to fit in a PTS carrier, suggesting that they might be useful for monitoring forces and time associated with travel of samples through a PTS.
Thus, the population was divided into subgroup or a stratum such as semester 2 is 40 persons and semester 6 is 75 persons at PTSS.
At preassessment parents reported elevated levels of PTSS and levels of uncertainty relating to their child's illness that were well above the clinical cut-off and the normative mean, respectively.
Peroxynitrite levels in the PTSs incubated at 37[micro]C for one hour were determined by a spectrophotometric method described by Beckman et al.
PTSS 08-5 involved presentations on specific counterterrorism topics--at various times in English, French, and German with simultaneous translation into English and Russian--by internationally known academics, authors, and practitioners.
4) Reported peak sound levels from rifles and shotguns range from 132 to 172 dB(A) and have been associated with PTSs.
The rapid build-out of PTSs, algos, and dark pools have together made keeping up with the demand for capacity at major bourses like the TSE a top priority.
But for the ones who came home to his so-called "myth of PTSS," Cartlidge does them a great disservice by ignoring their plight and saying it is just a myth.
More than half of the children had moderately to moderately high PTSS scores, with 3 of 69 (4%) children displaying very high levels of traumatic stress 2 years after the bombing.