PTWFPave the Way Foundation
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In 2012, on behalf of 300 million Orthodox Christians, PTWF requested that the Turkish government reopen the Halki Seminary in Istanbul, closed since 1971.
Chairman of PTWF, Elliot Hershberg, said, "The precepts of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism demand justice through truth.
Elliot Hershberg, PTWF Chairman, revealed that documents from the Vatican Archives show how, in 1917, Eugenio Pacelli (as Archbishop at the time) arrange for Nahum Sokolow, President of ZO, to meet with Pope Benedict XV to discuss the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
Gary Krupp, Co-Founder and President of PTWF, stated, "Thousands of original documents can be uploaded from our website www.
Chairman of PTWF, Elliot Hershberg, states in the letter, "Although it has been 'politically correct' to separate religion from governmental activities, and to consider international religious leaders irrelevant, the reality is that political leaders are incapable of responding to religiously justified violence.