PTX2Pituitary Homeobox 2
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The seasonal variability of OA, DTX1, and PTX2 per unit volume of seawater (Fig.
A remarkably consistent tendency was observed between concentrations of OA, DTX1, and PTX2 in the hepatopancreas of mussels and the abundance of D.
PTX2, PTX2 SA, PTX12-1, PTX12-2, and PTXI2 SA accumulated in both mussels and oysters during the field exposure (Table 3).
The calculated half-lives of PTX2 and PTX2 SA were highly similar for both species ([t.
Some differential assimilation patterns of the various PTX-group toxins were seen but both species contained PTX2 SA as the major PTX compound, being about 10 times greater than the other forms of PTX.
PTX2 SA was previously believed to be the major metabolic product of PTX2 in shellfish.
Vale (2004) also confirmed rapid reduction of PTX2 and PTX2 SA in M.