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PTZPan-Tilt-Zoom (camera)
PTZPhase Transition Zone
PTZPhoto Zenith Tube
PTZPoisson Truncated At Zero Model
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The 360 DOME PTZ camera offers the most striking features to date and meant to keep a close watch on any home.
MES and PTZ tests are the best-validated method for assessment of AED in human generalized tonic--clonic seizures and absence seizures, respectively, among the tests used for evaluation of anticonvulsant activity.
In this study we used a dose of PTZ (30mM for 30 minutes) to induce cell death in adult neuronal cell culture and metformin at the dose of 20mM to protect the effect of neuronal cells death.
When factoring in the additional cost of paid camera operators, headsets, tripods, setup/ breakdown time, and other ancillaries required for traditional camcorder setups, the cost savings of PTZ systems add up quickly.
In the present study, we found that the mean hippocampal MDA levels in rats treated with PTZ to induce epileptic seizures were significantly higher than the control group (SF + SF) and the NPY + PTZ groups.
If sight fishing the ultra-shallow crown of Snake Bight with a pushpole is not within your physical capabilities or desire, then a trolling motor is also highly effective when used to patrol the channel edges of the PTZ or the narrower wheel ditches inside the PTZ.
The sum of PTZ (2 mg/kg) required at threshold or tonic-clonic convulsion was calculated by following parameters: duration of convulsant infusion, infusion speed, the weight of the animal and the concentration of convulsant in the injected liquid (7).
La Q6032 PTZ Dome Network Camera con su nueva funcion GateKeeper permite movimientos automaticos al detectar un area donde hay movimiento para despues seguir al objeto
In this model repeated injection of sub-convulsive dose of PTZ causes gradual development of seizure culminating to generalised-tonic-clonic seizures.
AXIS M50 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series offers business managers a highly discreet and affordable solution for remotely monitoring indoor areas, such as stores, banks, hotels, office lobbies, restaurants and warehouses, to more effectively manage one or more locations and improve security.