PU5Physical Unit 5 (SNA path control layer)
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Position of Interviewee Organization of Interviewee PU1 Assistant Director Administration Department PU2 Permanent Secretary Administration Department (previously Works Department) PU3 Director Works Department (previously Administration Department) PU4 Senior Director Works Department PU5 Senior Quantity Surveyor Works Department / Local Professional Institute PU6 Executive Board Member NGO (previously Works Department) PU7 Executive Director NGO (previously Works Department) Table 4.
PU5 Using SL would make it easier to learn the course.
Stratus announced its decision to port CNT's Brixton PU5 SNA Server, a reverse gateway or "virtual mainframe," in March 1995.
The contents of diolPOSS in the hybrids were set at 2, 5, 8, and 10 wt%, and the corresponding samples were marked as PU2, PU5, PU8, and PU10, respectively.