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PUKPatriotic Union of Kurdistan
PUKPolitik Und Kultur (German: Politics and Culture)
PUKPersonal Unblocking Key
PUKPin Unblocking Key
PUKPortable Usb Kit
PUKPersonal Unlocking Key (as used in mobile phones)
PUKPopUp Killer
PUKPotchefstroomkampus (South Africa)
PUKPop-Up Killer (browser utility)
PUKPin Unlocking Key
PUKPack-Up Kit
PUKPushupking (New Zealand)
PUKParti Unitet Kombetar (Party of National Unity, Albania)
PUKPrimary Unknown Carcinoma of the Neck (oncology)
PUKPedagogische Unielokatie Kudelstaart
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We tried to make Barzani accept joint management of the fields by Erbil and Sulaimaniya, but he strongly opposed it," Sherzad Yaba, a political adviser close to the PUK, told Reuters.
1 but were postponed for eight months in late October by act of a PUK and KDP-dominated Parliament.
In what was called a "historic betrayal," by an anonymous senior Kurdish official, The second-largest Kurdish political party in Iraq, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), secretly made a deal with Iranian general Qassem Suleimani to ensure that Kurdistan would yield to Baghdad and Tehran, all but sabotaging the political aspirations of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP), the largest Kurdish party in Iraq and the rival of the PUK.
The delegation emphasized the need for unity within the PUK, and asked both factions to work out an agreement.
That was mainly the result of splits within the PUK as Talabani had remained in Germany since his hospitalisation in late 2012.
This is particularly true of the PUK who finished third in the elections.
Gorran's rising fortunes have relegated the once highly popular PUK to the third slot, dealing a significant blow to the party's prestige and political weight.
The PUK was not the target of the attack, but the target was to flare up riots and spread a state of instability inside the province," he added.
arbitrary intimidation of journalists working in PUK areas.
Kurdistan List, a joint list of the KDP and PUK, won the largest share of seats and was tasked to form the next government.
The Secretary General of the PUK Jalal Talabani met with a delegation of the civil society organizations in the ethnically mixed city of Kirkuk.