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PULSARPulsating Star
PULSARPulser and Recorder
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When this vibration passes Earth, it jostles our planet slightly, causing it to shift with respect to distant pulsars.
One caveat is that all 151 pulsars are young and energetic, notes astrophysicist Alex Wolszczan of Penn State, who codiscovered the first pulsar planets.
Auto Business News-July 15, 2015--Bajaj Motorcycles commences export of new Pulsars to international market
Originally discovered with the European Space Agency satellite INTEGRAL, the pulsar is located about 60 light-years away from the center of the supernova remnant SNR MSH 11-61A in the constellation of Carina.
Washington, August 30 ( ANI ): Scientists have used a computer cloud, with computing power of 200,000 private PCs, to discover 24 pulsars - stellar remnants with extreme physical properties.
The Pulsar range has received many accolades over the years and is probably the most celebrated bike in Indian automobile history.
The Pulsar 200NS chassis comprises a pressed steel perimeter frame and a Rectangular tube section swing arm delivering over three times the lateral stiffness of a P220 frame.
Pulsar is the result of collaboration among leaders in the mobile industry to provide a common set of Eclipse-based tools in a single packaged distribution that supports multiple software development kits (SDKs).
The "demonstration will use NICER's X-ray observations of pulsar signals to determine NICER's exact position in orbit," which in turn will "pave the way for future space exploration by helping to develop a Global Positioning System-like capability for the galaxy," according to the (https://www.
Professor of Applied Mathematics at Southampton, Nils Andersson explains, Imagine the pulsar as a bowl of soup, with the bowl spinning at one speed and the soup spinning faster.
Auto Business News-April 14, 2015--Bajaj Pulsar Adventure Sport range motorcycle launched