PUMSPublic-Use Microdata Samples (US Census Bureau)
PUMSProject Unit Management System (University of Portsmouth; UK)
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See the online appendix, section B, for more details of the application to the Census 2000 and ACS PUMS that generalizes the analysis in Alexander, Davern, and Stevenson (2010).
Concerned about discrimination in mortgage markets, Jepsen and Jepsen (2009) analyze the 2000 PUMS to evaluate whether home ownership rates vary by sexuality.
These chooser-specific variables, taken from the PUMS data, include household income, education.
To combine these data, we matched respondents from the ACS PUMS data to the county where they reside.
I arrived in Poznan for the first time a couple of days before the orientation of the new students of PUMS.
This is based on a PUMS sample of 715 high school graduates and 192 bachelor's degree holders.
Census Bureau, 2005 Puerto Rico Community Survey PUMS Table 2.
Even given its limitations, in this section I use the PUMS of the Puerto Rico Community Survey in the period of 2005-2007 to explore the extent to which men have been relinquishing marriage and their role as family heads, and to try to understand the paths to female household headship as differentiated by educational levels as rough indicators of socioeconomic status (United States Bureau of the Census, Puerto Rico Community Survey 2005-2007).
We are unable to identify those who reported "Canadian" as one of multiple ethnic origins from the 1991 PUMS.
La USCB genera PUMS con el 1 % y el 5 % de las personas y hogares de los Estados Unidos que son representativas para toda la poblacion y estan disponibles de forma gratuita para el publico en general.