PUNRPartidul Unitatii Nationale Romane (Romanian)
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With regards to the situation of other parties that I intend to analyse 'PUNR' respectively PDAR, the numerical wheighting of the nomenclature in the new political structures was lower: from 12% (1992), following a decrease of up to 9 per cent (only 3% in 1996), in what concerns PUNR, while PDAR, said Raluca Grosescu represented "the political voice of socialist technocracy".
On 20 January 1995, after difficult negotiations, PDSR (led by Ion Iliescu), PUNR (National Humanistic Party), PRM (Great Romania Party) and PSM (Socialist Worker's Party) signed a protocol of political cooperation, which was called the "Red quadrilateral".
With parliamentary support from the nationalist PUNR and PRM parties, and the ex-communist PSM party, a technocratic government was formed in November 1992 under Prime Minister Nicolae Vacaroiu, an economist.