PUQEPregnancy-Unique Quantification of Emesis
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Persaud explains that the difference in PUQE score between the drug and the placebo groups was expected to be 3 points - a far cry from the difference reported in the clinical trial.
Upon examination of a subcategory of PUQE, fingertip blood ketone levels in patients with PINV were statistically significant; statistical data are presented in Table 4.
PUQE was the scoring system for PINV severity with three classifications: low (<6), moderate ([less than or equal to]7 [less than or equal to]12), and high ([less than or equal to]13) (9).
Birkeland E, Stokke G, Tangvik RJ, et al Norwegian PUQE (Pregnancy-Unique Quantification of Emesis and Nausea) identifies patients with hyperemesis gravidarum and poor nutritional intake: A prospective cohort validation study.