PURPPhiladelphia Urban Resources Partnership (Philadelphia, PA)
PURPPrivatization and Utility Reform Project (private sector development program; Malawi)
PURPProvision for Unrealized Profit (accounting, consolidated accounts)
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Os arcos relativos as relacoes PARS e PURP sao rotulados por D (do ingles, default knowledge), indicando que o conhecimento e prototipico e, por isso, herdado como conhecimento padrao.
ii) os demais conceitos, que se vinculam aos da interlingua pelas relacoes de PARS e PURP, e os atributos multidimensionais foram inseridos como "propriedades" das classes; mais especificamente, as relacoes PARS e PURP foram inseridas como ObjectProperty (isto e, construto para representar propriedades intrinsecas as classes) e os atributos multidimensionais como DatatypeProperty (isto e, construto para representar demais informacoes sobre as classes);
ADV adverb MOD modal ATTR attributive NPST nonpast COM comitative OM object marker COP copula PLN plain form DAT dative POL polite DEF deferential PRT particle DIR directional PST past FML formal PURP purposive GEN genitive RSN reason GOAL goal QT quotative IMPER imperative SE sentence order INSTR instrumental SG singular INTERR interrogative SM subject marker INTRPT interruptive SUSP suspective marker LOC locative TM topic marker MM middle marker
Other goodies donated by celebs such as socialite Nicole Ritchie, Dame Shirley Bassey and actress Sienna Miller and fashion houses incs lude a purps le dress from Issa London - similar to the one worn by Kate Middleton when she announced her engagement to Wills.
There was me thinking that you would have to carbon-date the typical Purps freak to get an approximation of his age.
I was always of the opinion that the Purps (as they may or may not be known as) were a rather duff proposition after the 1970s faded, but the CDs tell a different tale.