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PUSPhysical Units
PUSProcessor Upgrade Socket
PUSProduction Units
PUSProcessing Units
PUSPublic Understanding of Science
PUSPushtu (language)
PUSPacket Utilization Standard
PUSPusan, South Korea - Kimhae (Airport Code)
PUSPerformers Under Stress (San Francisco, CA theater group)
PUSPick-Up Sheet
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Our patients become dehydrated, their abdomen can become swollen and ultimately, this can be fatal In Sky's case, the pus from her back end gave us an important clue.
1,3,4 Many EPTB patients present with pus and discharging sinuses from lymph nodes, bones and joints.
CT KUB was preceded in all the patients by urinalysis for presence of pus cells and/or red blood cells.
Out of 2050 pus samples obtained in the Microbiology laboratory from various departments of Silchar Medical College, Silchar.
This study aimed to identify the risk factors that predispose hospitalized patients with PUs colonized by GNB to develop bacteremia by these microorganisms.
sup][4] Open drainage was not very useful for the patient because there was a still lot of gas around the kidney; however, a VSD device was adopted, and the gas and pus disappeared quickly.
Several methods to improve the antistatic properties of PUs were reported in our previous studies [19-21], In this investigation, we have obtained permanently antistatic PUs which contain ILs in backbone chains.
Important clinical signs detected in Staphylococcal deep pyoderma were erythematous pus filled nodules or most erythematous lesions in interdigital spaces and haemorrhagic pus draining tracts in pressure points.
Considero de mayor valor a quienes curan la pus, atacando sus causas y sus efectos, que a quienes exclusivamente se solazan con irla exhibiendo por doquier.
Hartelco began providing copper phone service in 1905, and has been an PUS borrower since 1956.
In regard to the methods for opportunistic spectrum access that improve spectrum utilization, CR technology can be categorized into the following two approaches [4-6]: i) the overlay approach, in which the SUs identify an unused portion of the licensed bands through the spectrum sensing process and opportunistically access the available spectrums for data transmission; ii) the underlay approach, in which the communication of the SUs coexists with that of the PUs on the same channel, and the SUs avoid interfering with the communication of the PUs by using power control such as the interference temperature limit (ITL) [7-9].
As Dobrovol'skij and Piirainen (2005: 245) claim, speakers perceive PUs with a proper name typical of a given national culture as being culturally connoted.