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PVAPolyvinyl Alcohol
PVAParalyzed Veterans of America
PVAProperty Valuation Administrator (assessor)
PVAPolyvinyl Acetate
PVAPopulation Viability Analysis
PVAPatterned Vertical Alignment (Samsung)
PVAPositive Vorticity Advection
PVAPassenger Vessel Association (trade organization)
PVAPotato Virus A
PVAPhone Verified Account
PVAPresent Value of an Annuity (also seen as PVANN)
PVAPersonal Virtual Assistant (Conita)
PVAPerforming Visual Arts
PVAPatient Visit Average (chiropractic patient calculation)
PVAPhotovoltaic Array
PVAPeople's Volunteer Army (Korean War)
PVAPresent Value Analysis
PVAProfessional Virtual Assistant
PVAPublic Vessels Act (US)
PVAPeople Value Added
PVAPort Vulnerability Assessment
PVAPublic Vehicular Area
PVAPollination Variant Astringent
PVAPrivate VoIP Applications
PVAProject Validation Assessment
PVAProduit À Valeur Ajoutée
PVAPulse Volume Amplitude
PVAPartitioned Viterbi Algorithm
PVAPolymerized Vinyl Acrylic
PVAPassionnés de Véhicules Anciens (French: Passion for Vintage Vehicles; automobile association)
PVAPortable Vehicle Analyzer
PVAProcess Validation Enterprise
PVAProduction Verification Audit
PVAPreferred Vendor Assessment
PVAPhysical-Virtual Association
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But after we introduce them to the whole body of science, they see that the real benefit is in the results of the PVA and in getting better performance measurement.
Rhodamine B (40 mg) was mixed with the aqueous solution of LEM and PVA (in the ratio as mentioned in Section Synthesis of Tunable PVA-Based Hydrogels) and kept at 70[degrees]C for 4 h to be crosslinked.
Amount of IN absorbed in the imprinted PVA films (in terms of absorbed IN amount (g) reported to 1g of xerogel is plotted in Fig.
a] is the elongation at break of the RFA membrane with different PVA concentrations, and [E.
In 1950, Kuraray became the first in the world to develop PVA resin, which is used as a material for KURALON fibers.
The air/water interfacial tensions of PVA solution, PVA--EPC solution, HmPVA solution, and HmPVA--EPC conjugate solution were measured on a surface tension meter (SEO, DST 60, South Korea).
PVA (DP = 1750, degree of hydrolysis 99%) was provided by Sichuan Vinylon Factory, SINOPEC (China).
4 PVA Film Market, By Water Soluble Applications 4.
In this study, novel proton conductive membranes were prepared by crosslinking of PVA and SSA and intercalating PVTri homopolymer into the matrix.
Importantly, PVA is fully biodegradable and dissolves in the natural environment and, for this reason, is considered one of the most environmentally friendly plastic films in the marketplace.
In order to understand the supply chain of the PVA films market, the report includes value chain analysis which gives a comprehensive view of the overall market.