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PVAPolyvinyl Alcohol
PVAParalyzed Veterans of America
PVAProperty Valuation Administrator (assessor)
PVAPolyvinyl Acetate
PVAPopulation Viability Analysis
PVAPatterned Vertical Alignment (Samsung)
PVAPositive Vorticity Advection
PVAPassenger Vessel Association (trade organization)
PVAPotato Virus A
PVAPhone Verified Account
PVAPresent Value of an Annuity (also seen as PVANN)
PVAPersonal Virtual Assistant (Conita)
PVAPerforming Visual Arts
PVAPatient Visit Average (chiropractic patient calculation)
PVAPhotovoltaic Array
PVAPeople's Volunteer Army (Korean War)
PVAPresent Value Analysis
PVAProfessional Virtual Assistant
PVAPublic Vessels Act (US)
PVAPeople Value Added
PVAPort Vulnerability Assessment
PVAPublic Vehicular Area
PVAPollination Variant Astringent
PVAPrivate VoIP Applications
PVAProject Validation Assessment
PVAProduit À Valeur Ajoutée
PVAPulse Volume Amplitude
PVAPartitioned Viterbi Algorithm
PVAPolymerized Vinyl Acrylic
PVAPassionnés de Véhicules Anciens (French: Passion for Vintage Vehicles; automobile association)
PVAPortable Vehicle Analyzer
PVAProcess Validation Enterprise
PVAProduction Verification Audit
PVAPreferred Vendor Assessment
PVAPhysical-Virtual Association
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The DTG curve of neat PVA shows two obvious peaks at 390[degrees]C and 450[degrees]C which can be attributed to the decomposition of side chain and main chain of PVA, respectively [22, 23].
Member or not, veterans are veterans, and PVA offers free support to all vets and their families --without the aid of government funding.
Activity-based costing looks at activities identified through PVA and determines the resources required to do each of those activities.
Preparation of PVAIHP-[beta]-CD Through Melt-Processing PVA (100 g) and HP-[beta]-CD (7, 14, 21, 28 g) dissolved in distilled water (70 g) were mixed at room temperature.
The PVA films added with 10, 20, 30, 40 wt% Ca[(N[O.
Homer served at every level and capacity within PVA, from chapter to national, and at several levels as an employee," former PVA Executive Director Keith Wingfield points out.
2]O could effectively destroy the crystallites of PVA and reduce the degree of crystallinity of PVA (28).
The main objective of this paper is to investigate the crystalline, thermal, and mechanical properties of PVA films modified with Mg[Cl.
Because PVA is a semicrystalline polymer, many researches focused on the relationship between the CNTs and the crystallization.
The very high number of OH groups in the molecular chains of PVA fibers also has an impact on its mechanical properties.
Mid-America PVA Bass Tournament, Lake Eufaula, Eufaula, Okla.
However, PVA can seldom be used as a thermoplastic polymer because of its high water absorption and poor thermal stability.