PVKPreveza, Greece (Airport Code)
PVKPirates, Vikings, and Knights (gaming, Half-Life)
PVKPolyvinyl Carbazole
PVKPigment-Volumen-Konzentration (German: Pigment Volume Concentration)
PVKPioneer Valley Knife & Tool (Amherst, MA)
PVKPitot Validation Kit (air quality)
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It is known, that thermal properties can be improved by incorporating complexes in polymer matrixes, therefore TG analysis of PVK films containing 15% C1 or C2 were also conducted.
Figure 3 also shows absorption spectra of pure PVK and PVK thin films containing 15% of complexes C1 or C2.
In this work PVK was used as polymer matrix for [Eu.
PVK tanisi siklikla on tani olarak dusunulmemektedir ve ayirici tanida akilda tutulmadigi zaman PVK tanisini koymak zordur (5).
Bu calismada amacimiz, romatolojik hastaliklar, mekanik bel agrisi, kalca eklem patolojileri, urogenital hastaliklar gibi genis hastalik yelpazesini barindiran kronik pelvik agrida PVK sikligini saptamaktir.
Calismaya dahil edilen hastalar sakroileit, kalca eklem patolojisi ve PVK yonunden degerlendirilmistir.
3] were used as the monomer and the oxidizing agent, respectively, to synthesize PVK (20).
The FTIR spectrum of PVK reveals the same features as reported in the literature (20-22): characteristic bands in the range of 700-800 [cm.
The average molecular weights of polymers and co-polymers are the following: PVK 10000-20000, PEPC 900-1000, P-3I-9VC 1000-10000, both P-9VC : OMA and P-3I-9VC : OMA 5000-7000.
It can be seen that after depositing the polymeric layer of PVK on a free surface of CISCuT, a small decrease in the absolute value of [V.
So, the process of charge emission in our samples of PVK is bulk limited and seems to be governed by a mechanism like the Poole-Frenkel effect.
This suggests that the experimental data obtained in processes involving activation energy measurements in pendant group polymers as PVK must be tried with care given the importance of these type of polymer in the modeling and fabrication of organic electronic devices such as organic light emitting diodes and molecular junctions.