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PVODPulmonary Veno-Occlusive Disease
PVODPulmonary Vascular Obstructive Disease
PVODPeripheral Vascular Occlusive Disease
PVODPulsed Vacuum Osmotic Dehydration
PVODProbabilistic Vertical Obstruction Data
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The major changes in the classification included (1) The term primary pulmonary hypertension was abandoned and replaced by idiopathic and familial PH, and (2) PVOD and PCH were moved to the PAH category from the second and fifth categories, respectively.
Similarities in clinical presentation and pathologic features between PVOD and PCH suggested that these 2 lesions might overlap.
Despite the similarities, PVOD and PCH differ from PAH in the presence of crackles and clubbing on physical examination and radiographic findings of ground-glass opacities, septal thickening, and mediastinal adenopathy on chest computed tomography.
PVOD is diagnosed in only about 10 percent of PH cases where no other cause of the disease has been determined.
In cases of PVOD, the small veins in the lungs become blocked, increasing pressure in these blood vessels, and ultimately causing heart failure.
En el tratamiento PVOD, las muestras se sumergieron en la SO y previamente a la OD se aplico un pulso de vacio (50 mbar durante 5 minutos).
1997) que contempla la cinetica de los cambios de composicion del producto a lo largo del proceso de OD y PVOD desde dos puntos de vista: por un lado, los cambios de composicion de la FLM, relacionada con aspectos de su estabilidad del producto y su contenido de agua congelable, que se analizan mediante un modelo difusional simplificado, y por otro lado la cinetica de perdida de peso, asociada con la perdida de agua y ganancia de solutos, la cual esta relacionada con el rendimiento del proceso, que se han descrito por un modelo empirico en terminos de la raiz cuadrada del tiempo (Fito y Chiralt, 1997; Crank, 1975).
This finding in addition to lymphadenopathy is thought to be more suggestive of PCH as opposed to PVOD, although discrimination between these entities is generally not possible based solely on imaging studies.
5,9) Dilated capillaries in PVOD can mimic PCH, but a trichrome or a Movat pentachrome stain will highlight the supporting collagen of loop lesions and occluded veins seen in PVOD but not in PCH.
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