PVRLPalo Verde Recreation League (Phoenix, Arizona)
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Since uveitis and ARN are usually diagnosed based only on clinical manifestations, one should always keep in mind that PVRL is a potential masquerader, and when treatments are less effective than expected, efforts should be made in pursuit of evidences of PVRL in both the eyes and the CNS.
4] In our case, although direct cytopathology was unavailable, the diagnosis of PVRL (diffuse large B-cell lymphoma) was established by multiple lineages of supportive evidences combining flow cytometry, gene rearrangement of vitreous specimen, and cytokine analysis of aqueous humor sample.
These treatments have improved the survival of PVRL to more than 3 years.
For arriving at its rating, CRISIL has combined the business and financial risk profiles of PVRL and its subsidiaries, PVR Pictures, CR Retail Mall Ltd, and PVR BluO Entertainment Ltd.
As part of its global business strategy, VRL exited from the PVRL JV in 2002.
PVRL is a public limited company, listed on various stock exchanges in India.