PVRVPurified Vero cell Rabies Vaccine
PVRVPressure/Vacuum Relief Valve
PVRVPost Void Residual Volume (of urine)
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Before the fifth PVRV could be administered, the patient died of sepsis, most likely of nosocomial origin, induced by her rapidly progressive immunodeficient condition.
PVRV is a second generation rabies vaccine that is produced on Vero cells (Vervet monkey origin).
2 ml I/D dose on day 28 and 91 for PCEV and HDCV whereas in case of PVRV the dose is 0.
WHO recommendation on immunization of humans against rabies Vaccine Pre-exposure Post exposure immunization immunization HDCS Essen regimen (I/M) Yes Zagreb regimen (I/M) 8 site regimen (I/D) PCECV Essen regimen (I/M) Yes Zagreb regimen (I/M) 8 site regimen (I/D) PVRV Essen regimen (I/M) Yes Zagreb regimen (I/M) 2 site regimen (I/D)
By the fifth post-operative day, 89 patients (29%) had indwelling catheters which prevented a measure of PVRV being taken.
Post-voiding residual volume: PVRV ranged from 0 to greater than 1 litre at all three sample points.
Suppression has been observed with the 2-1-1 IM schedule when PVRV or other TC-derived vaccines, including Purified Chick Embryo Cell and Purified Duck Embryo Cell, were administered with 20 IU/kg of HRIG [8].