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PVRSPearl Villa Rating System (Estidama; United Arab Emirates)
PVRSPlaza Volunteer Rescue Squad
PVRSPalling Volunteer Rescue Service Ltd. (lifeboat service; UK)
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Companies producing PVRs say one of their other big advantages is that they take away the need to tell the machine to record individual programmes.
One of the characteristics of the PVRs (not publicized) is that commercials can be skipped.
A key reason analysts believe PVRs will take off is their ability to be combined with other essential electronics gadgets.
S3), a world leader in Connected Consumer Technology solutions, today announced their further collaboration in enabling the rapid deployment of HD, PVR, and IPTV set-top box (STB) solutions.
UGuide is designed to work with any PVR, including set-top boxes and Media Center PCs, by enabling users to remotely manage and schedule recordings via a cellular network, using the application on a wireless mobile device.
This databook provides forecast market data relating to the penetration of PVRs, high definition TV and mobile TV technologies across 15 country markets.
The integration of ICRON's ExtremeUSB([R]) technology makes it possible to expand the popular USB (Universal Serial Bus), which enables a wide variety of multimedia applications such as KVM-extension Multimedia or industrial PCs, PVRs and USB appliances (i.
264 and Windows Media9 are opening up the possibility of standard definition TV over IP-based DSL networks for telecoms operators, more HD channels over satellite, especially coupled with new modulation formats such as DVB-S2 and 8PSK, and affordable HD PVRs.
Each device can simultaneously receive up to eight different programs and fully benefit from networked PVR functionalities.
Cable Multiple System Operators (MSOs) that include PVR services will be among the early winners in the emerging video-on-demand and subscription video-on-demand markets.