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PVSPersistent Vegetative State
PVSPhysical Verification System (software)
PVSPatent- og Varemærkestyrelsen (Danish Patent and Trademark Office)
PVSPrototype Verification System
PVSPaesi in Via di Sviluppo (Emerging Countries)
PVSProject Vote Smart
PVSProxied Volumes
PVSPersistency Values
PVSParallel Visualization Server
PVSPrimary Virtual Source
PVSPhysical Volumes
PVSPhantom Vibration Syndrome (cell phone sensation)
PVSPolynesian Voyaging Society
PVSPassport and Visa Service (various locations)
PVSPersonal Video Station (SnapStream)
PVSPotato Virus S
PVSPine View School (Sarasota, Fl)
PVSPotomac Valley Swimming (Washington, DC area)
PVSPhysicians for a Violence-free Society
PVSPigmented Villonodular Synovitis
PVSPost-Viral Syndrome
PVSPrime Vendor Support
PVSPotential Visibility Set (computer graphics)
PVSPulmonary Valve Stenosis (cardiac disease)
PVSPrisoner Visitation and Support (Philadelphia, PA)
PVSPolyvinyl Siloxane
PVSPlant Variety Rights Office and Seeds Division (UK)
PVSPosture Validation Server (Cisco)
PVSPorted Vacuum Switch
PVSPojoaque Valley Schools
PVSPost-Vaccination Syndrome
PVSPotential Visible Set
PVSPortfolio Valuation Service (various locations)
PVSPecos Valley Southern Railway Company
PVSPower Visualization System
PVSPortal Venous System
PVSProof Verification System
PVSPost-Vasectomy (pain) Syndrome
PVSPole Vault Summit
PVSPassive Vision Sight (military night vision systems)
PVSPipelined Vector Supercomputer
PVSPittsburgh Vegetarian Society (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
PVSPeriscope View Simulator
PVSPressure Vessels and Systems
PVSPediatric Vaccine Stockpile
PVSPotential Video Stream
PVSPropagation Validation System
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5] Cardiac catheterization was recommended for PVS with transvalvular pressure gradients >36 mmHg, which was calculated by the Bernoulli equation using peak velocities obtained by continuous-wave Doppler echocardiographic measurements.
Urologists and gynecologists who manage female SUI patients should be familiar with the anatomical considerations, indications, and surgical technique of both PVS and MUS.
Although PVS patients are not mentally capable of making decisions for themselves because they are brain-damaged rather than brain-dead, they are still alive and entitled to all the legal rights and protections of natural persons that are set out in the Constitution.
Asi para el vector y de observaciones de presencia/ausencia de PVS, en la planta l del lote k dentro de la zona j del departamento d, se considero el siguiente modelo lineal generalizado (Littell et al.
Median follow-up was 36, 24, and 12 months in the PVS, TVT, and TOT groups, respectively.
Many are unpaid interns, simply making the trip to be a part of PVS and live in the mountains.
I use that terminology--complete the death process--frequently, because someone in a PVS has been suspended on the knife's edge between life and death.
Though a PVS diagnosis does not change the morality of not providing food and water, it is still worth pointing out that some medical authorities disagreed with this diagnosis.
Although he acknowledged that a patient in a persistent vegetative state, or PVS, "shows no evident sign of self-awareness or of awareness of the environment, and seems unable to interact with others or to react to specific stimuli," he said that they should be kept alive indefinitely.
It was passed without any discussion, clinical input, or review of the nearly 10 years of existing court decisions, all siding with her husband in determining her desire not to live in a PVS.