PVSAPresidential Volunteer Service Award (est. 2004)
PVSAPost-Vasectomy Semen Analysis (healthcare review)
PVSAPassenger Vessel Services Act of 1886
PVSAPleasant View School for the Arts (Canton, OH)
PVSAPferd Vom Schwanz Aufzäumen (Swiss/German slang)
PVSAPotato Virus S-Andean Strain
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Congress passed the PVSA of 1886 and the Jones Act of 1920 with the intent to protect the U.
That act also afforded NCL-America protection from foreign competition under the PVSA
Department of Transportation Maritime Administration to revisit its interpretation of PVSA regs due to "recent activities of foreign-flagged passenger vessels in the Hawaiian Islands," according to the document.
Those ships currently satisfy the PVSA by stopping in Victoria or Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
Stevens in urging Alaska be exempt from the new PVSA interpretation.
It is thought that crosslinking did not occur on the PVSA homopolymer, because homo-PVSA did not crosslink with MBA under our synthesis conditions.
Therefore crosslinking is more effective with increasing the amount of kappa carrageenan, since crosslinking did not occur on the PVSA polymer in our experimental conditions.
Investigation of the swelling with different amount of the PVSA showed that the water absorbency of the semi-IPN hydrogel is decreased with decreasing of the [kappa]C amount.
However, several rulings and decisions interpreting the PVSA have allowed itineraries for foreign cruise vessels between U.
The PVSA achievement is a way to inspire others to contribute to their communities through volunteer service and to make volunteer service a central part of their lives.
With a shared mission of inspiring more to answer the call to service, PVSA celebrates the impact we can all make in bettering our communities and our world.
PVSA addresses specific barriers to employment through one-on-one, individualized instruction in a variety of areas such as appropriate workplace interaction, mobility and self-advocacy training, conflict resolution, benefits and resource awareness, personal hygiene and attire and time management.