PVSCPhotovoltaic Specialists Conference (IEEE)
PVSCPassaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners (New Jersey)
PVSCPower Vector Security Cover (Bogen Communications, Inc.)
PVSCPort Vincent Sailing Club (Australia)
PVSCPonte Vedra Soccer Club (Florida)
PVSCParadise Valley Stamp Company (Concord, NH)
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The district court reasoned that EPIC had been using the unit at the time of the accident because it had supplied allegedly defective equipment -- the tarp, bungee cord, and rolling staircase -- for the sole purpose of facilitating the loading and transporting of waste from PVSC.
Individuals who visited the different stands were also provided with handouts containing important information about Ramadan and PVSC services.
Salam Amin Nassar, manager of the PVSC at the hospital, was one of the main organisers of the event.
The PVSC decision holds that there is no duty to indemnify nonmonetary settlements when the policy defines "loss" as "monetary damages.
We're excited to bring the PVSC to Austin this June, where we can reconnect with our peers, engage with the local community, and show the world that everything really is bigger in Texas.
The 38th PVSC will kick off on June 3, 2012, with Austin Solar Day.
The PVSC opens on Sunday, June 19 with Solar Day, where community members can hear from industry experts about the benefits of solar energy and meet with local system installers to learn more about "going solar.
We anticipate another record number of submitted abstracts and participants for the 37th IEEE PVSC, and we look forward to celebrating our 50th birthday in Seattle next June.
Billiard Marker At Pvsc In Connection With maintenance of PVSC, DDA.
Symko-Davies is also an IEEE PVSC organizing committee member and APS member.
This year, 1,348 scientists, policy-makers, industry executives, and others--excluding exhibitors--attended the PVSC, slightly higher than last year and nearly double the number of attendees of the preceding IEEE PVSC in Orlando, Fla.
Presentations in the PVSC technical program will address an array of solar technologies, modules and system components, space technologies, manufacturing, materials, testing and much more.