PVSVMinistry for the Promotion of Virtue and Suppression of Vice (Taliban; Afghanistan)
PVSVPressure Vacuum Safety Valve
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Project facts and figures Title: INFINITY - Climate sensitive long-time reliability of photovoltaicsLead management: Research centre CTR Carinthian Tech Research AGScientific management: Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)Industrial partners: ENcome Energy Performance, Fronius International, Infineon Technologies Austria, Isovoltaic, KIOTO Photovoltaics, Polytec PT, PVI, PVSV, Ulbrich of AustriaScientific partners: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, CTR Carinthian Tech Research, Vienna University of Applied Sciences, OFI Research Centre for Chemistry and Technology, PCCL Polymer Competence Center LeobenDuration: 3 years starting on 1 November 2015Research volume: [euro]5.
85) The use of dag pa here is most likely owed to the passage of PVSV, 109: seyam sakyaparicchedasesavisayavisuddhir avisamvadah; PVSV[supt], 473.