PWNHCPrince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (Northwest Territories, Canada)
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Our goal was to produce five copies of this outfit--one for each of the four Gwich'in communities, and one for the PWNHC.
Once funding for the project was in place, Karen Wright-Fraser was hired to work with Ingrid Kritsch, GSCI Research Director, and Joanne Bird, Curator of Collections at the PWNHC, to coordinate the project and assist with the sewing.
Arrangements had been made with the CMC prior to the workshop to have the original outfit on loan to the PWNHC, so the seamstresses would have the opportunity to examine the outfit while working on the first replica.
During the December workshop, the seamstresses worked on the outfit that will ultimately be housed at the PWNHC.
PWNHC staff took additional photographs of the outfit during the workshop and forwarded them to the seamstresses.
At the PWNHC, one of the galleries is currently being renovated and will include Gwich'in clothing in the new exhibit.