PWRDFPrimate's World Relief and Development Fund
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The county of Kapoeta North, populated by the agro-pastoralist Toposa tribe, lies in an arid zone, said PWRDF humanitarian response co-ordinator Naba Gurung.
PWRDF withdraws funds from this account to participate in emergency food distribution programs in places such as South Sudan, Bangladesh and Haiti where the Foodgrains Bank is working.
Secure payments can be made easily online, by calling PWRDF or by cheque.
PWRDF support to the Chip Agro-Vet Centre in Nachingwea provides ongoing assistance with a local source of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and veterinary supplies, which would not otherwise be readily available.
To honour late parishioner Eileen Churchill, bakers made 700 pies from Churchill's apple tree for the second year in a row (last year was 500), then sold them to raise money for PWRDF and a local food bank.
PWRDF said it's also accepting donations to help those stricken by an earthquake that hit Mexico's south coast September 7.
PWRDF has endorsed a statement on the crisis in Myanmar released September 26 by Inter Pares, a Canadian-based social justice organization.
PWRDF supports training refugees to grow vegetables in kitchen gardens and to make peanut butter
Executive Director Will Postma completed his first year with PWRDF in June.
The clinic took on an expanded role, becoming a focal point of a PWRDF project on nutrition and food security that emphasized maternal and newborn health.
More grants may be forthcoming in the future if requested by the territory, PWRDF communications coordinator Janice Biehn said.
Mkitage and Salumu received their cow through another PWRDF initiative, known locally as CHIP, or the Community Health Improvement Program, which ended this year.