PWSRCACPrince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council (represents communities affected by oil industry decisions; Alaska)
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Training Gulf Coast visitors in the peer-listener outreach used to help those affected by the Exxon Valdez spill is one of the ways PWSRCAC mentored those on the three trips by offering training, Robinson says, and the organization hopes to train more.
Looking ahead, Peterson says several Gulf states are considering developing an oversight committee modeled on PWSRCAC to address risk issues and there may also be more trips to Alaska this summer so information can continue to be disseminated to affected communities.
PWSRCAC will identify the cell phone plan for employees to use, such as unlimited talk and text and a fairly large allowance for data.
The oral history project started by brainstorming a list of 206 names of those who had firsthand experience with the spill, says Stan Jones, PWSRCAC communications director and co-author of the book.