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PXAPulsed Xenon Arc (lamps)
PXAPleomorphic Xantho-Astrocytoma (rare cerebral neoplasm)
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Despite this controversy, PXA has been listed as a tumor of astrocytic lineage in the last edition of the WHO classification of tumors (14).
The vast majority of PXA are supratentorial location.
While in some applications, this task can be accomplished using a modern wideband oscilloscope to directly digitise signals for analysis, the Agilent PXA provides a more convenient and economical solution.
The CXA is the low-cost member of the Agilent X-Series range of signal analyzers which consists of the PXA, MXA, EXA and CXA.
The fully-isolated PXA and PXB Series have a tiny 1"x 1" footprint Features include:
1 and use the Marvell XScale PXA 270 520-MHz processor.
The DLoG XDMA incorporates Intel PXA 270 520 MHz CPU, is loaded with the Microsoft Windows CE 5.
High-Speed Processor -- The i730 is powered by an Intel PXA 272 (520 MHz) processor
Microscopically, PXA is characterized by neoplastic astrocytes that show marked nuclear pleomorphism, rare-to-absent mitotic figures, nuclear pseudoinclusions, and variable lipidization.
NYSE: A) today announced the availability of real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) for its PXA X-Series signal analyzers.
The RTSA option can be added to new and existing MXE EMI receivers as well as the manufacturer's UXA, PXA, and MXA X-Series signal analyzers.