PYNPoynt Corporation (stock symbol; Canada)
PYNPalestinian Youth Network (preservation and liberation)
PYNPhynova Group (stock symbol; UK)
PYNProgram for Young Negotiators (youth conflict-resolution program; Missouri State University; Springfield, MO)
PYNPiedmont Municipal Airport (Missouri)
PYNProtect Ya Neck Records
PYNPick Your Nose
PYNPhiladelphia Youth Network, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)
PYNPittsburgh Youth Network (Pittsburgh, PA)
PYNPueblo Youth Naturally (Colorado)
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Reflecting on the project, Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, the President and CEO of PYN, said, Partnering with Accenture has enabled us to identify opportunities where PYN can make a significant impact locally with our partner organizations.
We are incredibly excited to have presented PYN with possible strategies that can make a real difference by connecting people with careers in the areas of economic growth in the region.
PYN has spent a great deal of time cultivating the business and community relationships needed to offer students such opportunities.
Working with the support of local businesses, foundation, nonprofits and government agencies PYN managers a stable of academic
PYN receives assistance from the local business community, with more than 100 providing internship opportunities and many more providing funding or participating in programs.
PYN supports close to 9,000 students in the Philadelphia area, and receives high marks from students and employers alike.
The composition of negotiation scenarios used in the PYN training approach ranges from interactions with strangers and acquaintances to negotiation of conflict in close, intimate relationships.
Following early development of the Program for Young Negotiators curriculum and training procedures in schools in and around Boston, the PYN expanded through training initiatives in New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto, among other urban areas.
As the PYN has been adopted by progressively more teachers and school systems, independent training efforts have been undertaken within some schools, and the approach has been modified to meet the needs of students, as well as teacher presentation styles.
The PYN training model's expansion to Argentina marks the first effort to systematically implement and evaluate the approach outside of the United States.
A cultural concern in bringing the PYN model to Argentina was that the concepts taught though the curriculum might not translate appropriately.
Eleven of the fifteen schools that implemented the PYN training participated in the evaluation study.