PABMProgrammable Airburst Munition (various armed forces)
PABMPeak Adult Bone Mass
PaBMPink and Blue Mentos (gaming clan)
PABMProbability of Acute Bacterial Meningitis (meningitis diagnosis)
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As with previous Mk44 cannons, the enhanced cannon system is compatible with ATK's PABM, and offers the user increased tactical flexibility and greater lethality as compared to conventional high-explosive ammunition.
Lightweight 25mm Bushmaster Chain Gun (LW25) integrated into a Kongsberg mount on a Textron MSV -- LW25 integrated into a Palletized Autonomous Weapon System (PAWS), mounted onto a HMMWV -- 30mm M230 Link Fed (LF) integrated into the Viper Gun System (Viper) -- 30mm/40mm Mk44 Bushmaster Chain Gun with PABM
The Mk44 fires the only type-classified PABM in the U.