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PaCO2Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide in Arterial Blood
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A significant change was observed in pH, PaCO2 and GCS of the patients who responded to the therapy.
Tambien permitiria dilucidar el efecto de las intervenciones (cambios PaCO2, PA, etc.
Kyung Woo Kim and colleagues from Seoul Park Hospital, College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea, compared 100 EtCO2 values from both the EMMA and sidestream capnography (Datex Ohmeda S5 Anesthesia Monitor) in 35 patients undergoing general anesthesia to PaCO2 values measured from blood gas analysis (GEM Premier 3000) of simultaneously collected arterial blood samples.
Table-1: Twelve hours (H) changes in some blood gas parameters: "0" is ICU admission time H pH PaCO2 PaO2 Na+ Lactate HCT HCO3- BE (B) mmHg mmHg mmol/L mmol/L % mmol/L mmol/L 0 7.
Effects of short-term 28% and 100% oxygen on PaCO2 and peak expiratory flow rate in acute asthma: A randomized trial.
aureus positive blood culture (BACTEC 9120-Becton Dickinson) in the presence of at least one of the following clinical manifestations: fever or hypothermia defined by an axillary temperature > 38[degrees]C or < 36[degrees]C, respectively; cardiac rate higher than 90 bpm; respiratory rate higher than 20 ipm or PaCO2 < 32 mmHg; leukocyte count > 12,000 leucocytes/[mm.
Hypoventilation has to be addressed to decrease the PaCO2 before neostigmine and glycopyrrolate will be optimally effective.
Astim siddetinin, potansiyel psikiyatrik bozukluk olusturma riski olduguyla ilgili diger bir veri de, PaCO2 miktarina duyarli olan santral kemoreseptorlerin panik atagi ve asfiksi olma hissini uyandirip anksiyeteyi arttirmasidir.
Outro parAmetro de diagnostico em polissonografia so que em criancas e atraves de capnografia, onde e recomendada a utilizacao como percentual de tempo >50mmHg (aferido por capnografia ou Paco2 transcutAneo) superior a 25% do tempo total de sono como criterio de hipoventilacao (Aasm, 2007).
En el trauma craneoencefalico, una adecuada resucitacion es definida como una: PaO2 > 100 mmHg y PaCO2 de 35-45 mmHg.
Measurements at each time point included pH, PaCO2, and haemoglobin concentration, plus plasma concentrations of ionised calcium and L-lactate, (ABL 600, Radiometer, Copenhagen).