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PACUPhilippine Association of Colleges and Universities
PACUpost-operative care unit
PACUPeri-Anesthesia Care Unit
PACUPediatric Acute Care Unit
PACUPacific and Asia Christian University (Kona, Hawaii)
PACUPreprocessor Avionics Control Unit (B-1)
PACUPortable Atmosphere Control Unit (Molecular Products Ltd)
PACUPortafoamer Aircraft Cleaning Unit
PACUPublic Access Center Unit (US Federal Bureau of Investigation)
PACUPan African Christian University College (Ghana)
PACUProvincial Accounting Control Unit
PACUPrimary Avionics Control Unit
PACUPrice-Affected Commodity Use
PACUPeople of All Cultures United (Pittsburgh, PA)
PACUPediatric Ambulatory Care Unit
PACUPassengers Audio Control Unit (aviation)
PACUperioperative anaesthetic care unit
PACUPressure Actuation Control Unit
PACUPower and Control Unit
PACUPatient Ambulatory Care Unit (various locations)
PACUPiedmont Aviation Credit Union (Winston-Salem, NC)
PACUPennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities (Carlisle, PA)
PACUPrecision Air Conditioning Unit
PACUPost Anesthesia Care Unit
PACUPost Acute Care Unit
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All of the patients in the study group received medication for pain during their PACU stay.
Similarly there was no difference in time in the PACU, or the incidence of oxygen desaturation in PACU.
The studies represented an international perspective on PACU discharge, with four set in the United States (US), two conducted in Canada, one in Denmark and one in Wales.
Os resultados de digestibilidade aparente da proteina, energia, materia seca e extrato etereo das dietas contendo niveis crescentes de fibra bruta na alimentacao de juvenis de pacu estao apresentados na Tabela 2.
of patients receiving preoperative narcotics 16 14 Narcotic usage (morphine equivalents in mg) PACU 7.
Mr Mark Pearson, who works at the aquarium, said the pacu was showing no signs of illness since it was left on Friday, despite the shortage of space.
RSPCA spokeswoman Janet Kipling said: "Zoos around the country are getting 10 calls a week about pacus.
PNI provides experienced OR, PACU, Endoscopy and Pain Management personnel to hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and individual physicians on a temporary or permanent basis in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex.
About Anesthesia Safety Products - Anesthesia Safety Products (ASP) develops and markets fluid management devices to help advance clinical and operational safety and efficiencies for the OR & PACU.
The South American pacu has a reputation for devouring the tenderest parts of the male anatomy.
AFTER months of promotion Pacu finally hits Liverpool this weekend.
London, July 8 ( ANI ): Families are staying out of a popular Illinois lake after the discovery of the exotic pacu fish - infamous for killing men by ripping off their testicles.