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PQTProduction Qualification Test
PQTProduct Qualification Test
PQTProvincial Qualifying Time (swimming)
PQTPreamble Quality Threshold
PQTPrototype Qualification Test
PQTProduct Qualification Team
PQTPre Qualification Tool
PQTProtection Qualification Test
PQTPreliminary/Professional Qualification Test
PQTProcedure Qualification Test
PQTPetroleum Quality Technology
PQTPersonal Quality Time
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Paquet began his presentation, stating that too many hotels are looking at revenue in terms of room revenue, rather than also focusing on other revenue streams within the hotel.
Phelps : [beaucoup moins que] ca fait un sacre paquet de medailles
Docteur Paquet est decede le 19 avril 2016, a l'age de 82 ans.
The Deputy Minister welcomed new head of the ICRC mission Andre Paquet and wished him success in his work, the Foreign Ministry added.
In this translation of Langue et politique au Canada et au Quebec: line synthese historique (Montreal: Editions du Boreal, 2010), Marcel Martel and Martin Paquet offer the reader an authoritative discussion of language politics in Canada since the mid-16th century.
According to Paquet, this is mainly because the quality of the projects proposed by states left room for improvement.
LILLE general manager Frederic Paquet has confirmed striker Gervinho wants to move to England this summer and talks with Arsenal are planned.
Furious with this state of affairs, Gilles Paquet has come to a clear and sobering conclusion: governments are not responding well because they are not equipped to do so.
Paquet is a certified Cisco instructor with the largest training partner of Cisco.
Gilles Paquet is Professor Emeritus at the Telfer School of Management, as well as being professionally associated with the Centre on Governance and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs of the University of Ottawa.
Loic Josseran, * Christophe Paquet, * Abdelkrim Zehgnoun, * Nadege Caillere, * Alain Le Tertre, * Jean-Louis Solet, ([dagger]) and Martine Ledrans *
By Catherine Paquet and Warren Saxe; published by Cisco Press, www.