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PFPower Forward (basketball)
PFPoints For
PFPower Factor
PFPatriotic Front (Zambia)
PFProgram Files
PFPension Fund
PFPink Floyd (band)
PFPhat Farm (clothing brand)
PFPublic Facilities
PFFrench Polynesia (ISO country code, top level domain)
PFPersonal Foul (basketball)
PFPosture Foundation (PF Flyer shoes)
PFPheasants Forever (wildlife conservaton group)
PFPublic Finance
PFPublic Forum
PFProject Finance
PFPolícia Federal (Brazil; Federal Police Force)
PFPacket Filter
PFPhiladelphia Flyers (NHL)
PFPacific Fighters (computer game)
PFPigeon Forge (Tennessee)
PFPostfach (German: PO Box)
PFPro Forma
PFPage File
PFPower Failure
PFPreguntas Frecuentes (Spanish: Frequently Asked Questions)
PFPulp Fiction (film by Quentin Tarantino)
PFPeople First
PFPower Fist (computer games)
PFPass/Fail (grade)
PFPelvic Floor (anatomy)
PFPersonal Fitness
PFPilot Flying
PFProtection Factor
PFPillow Fight
PFParacel Islands
PFPulse Frequency (Sprint)
PFPacific Fleet
PFPanzerfaust (computer gaming)
PFPower Feed
PFPositive Force
PFParticle Filter
PFParticulate Filter
PFProgrammable Function(s)
PFprotein free
PFProbability of Failure
PFProcurator Fiscal
PFPlantar Flexion
PFPersonal File
PFPersonality Factor (psychology)
PFPagan Federation
PFPour Feliciter (French: to extend congratulations)
PFPurple Fringing
PFPeter Fonda (actor)
PFPatrol Frigate
PFParity Flag
PFPre Flight
PFParapsychology Foundation
PFPerformance Factor
PFProblem Formulation
PFplain films (radiology)
PFPepperidge Farms
PFPaul Fleming (from P.F. Chang's China Bistro; restaurant named for founder Paul Fleming and chef Philip Chiang)
PFPulverized Fuel
PFPrevention First (violence/substance abuse prevention agency)
PFPolar Front
PFProtective Force
PFPermanent Forum
PFPucker Factor
PFPrivacy Forum
PFPalestinian Airlines (IATA airline code)
PFPrato Feito (Brazil; fast food)
PFProduction Factor
PFPortal Frame (structural engineering)
PFProfunda Femoris (anatomy)
PFPosition Fixing
PfProbability of False Alarm
PFPeanut Flour
PFPixel Frequency
PFPlain Face (construction)
PFPenetration Factor
PFProposed Finding
PFPlanned Facility
PFPrimary Feeder
PFPresentation Function
PFPassive Flow
PFPrivacy Foundation
PFPotency Factor
PFParachute Flare
PFPaged File
PFProstatitis Foundation
PFPrairie Flowers (workshop)
PFPlanning Factor
PFPeer Facilitator
PFProject Forecast
PFPartially Fertile
PFPhat Farms (clothing brand)
PFPolymer Filtration
PFPrice Pfister, Inc. (Lake Forest, CA)
PFProto Flight
PFPontus Ferrum (Latin: Sword Bridge; gaming; Cabal Online)
PFPartition Factor
PFPlanet Fortress (Team Fortress news site)
PFProduit de Fission (French: Fission Product)
PFPresence Function
PFPlain Flooding
PFPartial Fail (Nortel)
PFPolicía Fronteriza (México, border patrol)
PFPharmacopeia Forum
PFPOLYCENTER Framework (Digital Equipment Corporation)
PFProvidend Funds
PFPhilatelic Foundation of New York
PFPipes and Flowers (Elisa Italian music album)
PFPalm Foundation
PFPioneer and Fayette Failroad Company
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easy-to-read pass/fail parameters and an on-board memory to keep statistical results, offers far greater accuracy and ease-of-use.
In the case of Enron, the argument goes, there was no way that the company's auditor, Arthur Andersen, would have dared give the energy giant a failing grade under the present pass/fail system.
The majority, however, rejected those arguments, saying increasing the pass/fail line would impact all applicants evenly, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity.
The vision system processes a pass/fail response within 0.
Operational modes include one for high-precision chemistry analysis with grade identification, or a rapid alloy sorting pass/fail mode.
I have kept note of pass/fail rates since the 1970s when I was a driving instructor myself.
These innovative grading systems included allowing pass/fail grades in selected courses; replacing the traditional grades with "High Pass, Pass, Fail" or with Credit/No Credit; not counting failed but repeated courses in the grade point average; and "A, B, C, No Credit," with the NC not counting in the GPA.
The purpose of the present study was to compare the California pass/fail rates of graduates of regionally accredited and those of regionally unaccredited program on both the oral exam for licensure and the written exam, the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).
Value-added options include PC computer control and advanced UTM for Windows Version 6 Software, which features entry and storage of test parameters, pass/fail limits, real-time graph auto ranging and automatic calculation.
Our challenge now is to work with the psychometricians of the National Board of Medical Examiners to set the pass/fail criteria for the examination.
Designed to be run with a high degree of automation, IxMobile allows users to be up and running quickly with the ability to configure individual test case pass/fail criteria, group the test cases into campaigns, and then schedule the campaigns to run.