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PAXPaired Box Gene
PAXPaxon (Network)
PAXPatuxent River Naval Air Station (Maryland)
PAXPrivate Automatic Exchange
PAXPenny-Arcade Exposition (video game convention)
PAXPortable Archive Exchange
PAXPer Annum Exclusive
PAXPotassium Amyl Xanthate
PAXProgramming, Administration and Execution System (US Army)
PAXPoly Aluminium Chloride
PAXPicatinny Arsenal Explosive
PAXProfiling Agent for Exchange
PAXPassenger Assistance Required (VRE)
PAXPer Annum Exchange
PAXProfessional Autocrossers
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Whitlock and Paxon, nursed MacDuff along for a month, carefully monitoring his quality of life and having weekly "reality checks," heart-to-heart assessments of how he was and where we were in the process.
A lot of us have been doing this game for over 30 years, and this is the biggest and meanest fire we've been on,'' added Mr Paxon.
Firefighters expected the fire to reach Show Low soon, Paxon said.
Deaton, Angus, and Christina Paxon, 1994, "Intertemporal choice and inequality," Journal of Political Economy, Vol.
Seasoned, nonpartisan referees like Frank McHugh, military historians with the skills of a Harvey DeWeerd, and operational analysts of the quality of an Edward Paxon of RAND--all names that are likely unknown to the current war-gaming community--were once able to provide experiential depth that is still needed but is now harder to obtain than ever.
The answer is former House Republican congressional leader Bill Paxon of New York - although his proposal gave local schools more flexibility to implement the program.
KKYK-TV, Channel 22/49), Victory Television Network (KVTN-TV, Channel 25) and Paxon Communications Corp.
Democrat Joseph Crowley will replace Congressman Tom Manton (D), while Republican Tom Reynolds will succeed Congressman Bill Paxon (R).
Instead of shying away from the politically sensitive stow, reporters from several major news organizations tried to confirm the rumors, which have never been verified and which Paxon vehemently denied.
Bill Paxon, that he will not seek another term in the House, increasing speculation that Molinari too was going to make another career move.
In 1994, when the House Sub-committee on Health and the Environment took up a bill aimed at protecting non-smokers from secondhand smoke, Paxon was in the forefront - opposing it.
About a year later, Paxon asked Alico for help in his campaign for Congress when his treasurer resigned after becoming overwhelmed by federal election rules.