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PC3Prostate Cancer Cell Line (oncology)
PC3Prohormone Convertase 3
PC3Paul Coleman Trio (band)
PC3Postal Clerk Third Class (Naval Rating)
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The effect of different alcoholic extracts on the proliferation of PC3 cells was studied and it was observed that ethanol extracts caused maximum inhibition.
PC3 and PC4 indicate relatively more local or specific effects such as the dissolution of fluorite and carbonate balance.
Keywords: Synthesis, Benzophenone-Bis-Schiff bases, Anti-cancer, PC3 Cell line, Structure-activity Relationship
PC3 for Lahore weekly period 2011-2012 is the contrast between Wind and average temperatures, we can label these factors windy with low temperature" (WLT).
O modelo DVAR(p) teve vantagem em relacao aos outros em alguns casos especificos, como no PC3 do Chile e Brasil; todavia, geralmente foi o menos eficiente dos tres modelos utilizados.
Hacia PC3 la ruta se equipara en cuanto a routers recorridos, destacandose la metrica acumulada por el algoritmo EIGRP.
Biplot for PC1 and PC3: In this typical biplot graph (Fig-2) PC3 (14.
PowerCom PC3 keypads come with a LCD screen, in a light-weight and compact design.
Easy access to key areas in the machine makes maintenance easier, keeping the PC3 available and productive.
In PC3, it exhibits an internal effect of natural gas on the application of BCHP.
In this study, we present that terazosin can also inhibit proteasome activity which is one of the molecular mechanisms partially mediate suppressive action of terazosin on CRPC PC3 cell lines.
An Australian PC3 Orion search plane also sighted objects in a different part of the search area, but the maritime safety authority did not describe those objects in greater detail.