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PC3Prostate Cancer Cell Line (oncology)
PC3Prohormone Convertase 3
PC3Paul Coleman Trio (band)
PC3Postal Clerk Third Class (Naval Rating)
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PowerCom PC3 keypads come with a LCD screen, in a light-weight and compact design.
Easy access to key areas in the machine makes maintenance easier, keeping the PC3 available and productive.
The inflation factor [lambda] for PC1, PC2 and PC3 of pig were 1.
Effects of different NT inhibitors and siRNA-mediated silencing of ENT isoforms on nucleoside uptake in PC3 cells tested alone and in combination with 1.
DU145 cells transfected with miR-152 exhibited a 57% decrease in cell proliferation, and PC3 cells showed a 35% reduction of proliferation compared to control (Fig.
2008 season for PC1, PC2 and PC3 in all types of track (E, W and O, p [less than or equal to] 0.
SFN was shown to preferentially induce apoptosis in BPH1 and PC3 cells (P <0.
The components PC2 and PC3 are contrasts among the anions and cations.
All profiles are acidic except for topsoils of Pc2, Pc3, and Ak2, which are neutral possibly due to liming practiced in these areas.
Qatar's Mohammed Al Mannai and co-driver Adel Abdulla met with trouble when they landed heavily over a dune after PC3.
The Model PC3 Aero-Mechanical Conveyor (AMC), now available from Spiroflow Systems transports material from 10 to 85 feet at rates up to 120/tons per hour, states the company.