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PCAPPacket Capture
PCAPPeterborough Coalition Against Poverty (Canada)
PCAPPrenatal Care Assistance Program (now Medicaid Obstetrical and Maternal Services)
PCAPPresidential Climate Action Project
PCAPProgrammer Capability
PCAPPan-Canadian Assessment Program (Department of Education)
PCAPPrestressed Concrete Association of Pennsylvania
PCAPPredisposing for Prostate Cancer
PCAPParthenon Capital LLC
PCAPPennsylvanians Concerned about Alcohol Problems
PCAPPetroleum Corrective Action Plan (California)
PCAPPropagation Code Analysis Program
PCAPPersonal Computer Applications Programming (Las Vegas, Nevada)
PCAPPrinceton Circuit Analysis Program (simulation and hardware modelling)
PCAPPatient-Controlled Analgesic Pump (narcotics delivery)
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PCAP touchscreen technology is widely used in smartphone and tablet applications due to its high sensitivity, reliability, and support for multi-touch gestures.
NAC10-2 and NAC10-4 network acceleration technology -- Napatech's cutting-edge network acceleration cards are purpose-built to add real-time, line-rate performance to open-source PCAP solutions -- with no software integration required.
An increase in the PtBA and PCAP amount in the formulations might increase the flexibility as they could act as plasticizers in the coating system.
By transparently applying the power of hardware-acceleration to packet capture, time-stamping, measurement, filtering and multi-CPU load-balancing, PCAP Express 10G enables easy scaling of libpcap-based applications such as Wireshark, tcpdump or Snort, to 10Gbps performance, with standard, cost-effective server hardware.
24) Moreover, the interaction of AGE with PCAP yields a negative cross-partial derivative--a result consistent with the hypothesis that the FEHBP subsidy is helping to reduce adverse selection.
PCAP touch displays are in great demand today for applications such as industrial automation, point-of-sale, shopping mall displays, transportation and restaurants.
This LVDS module is also an ideal building block for PCAP touch and other add-on solutions.
38 and SIP/RTP PCAP captures (requires PKV104 License) Win PCAP captures can be processed from T.
Demonstrating Innovation Leadership in Ultra Large-format PCAP Technology Solutions -
The STG-10G also supports replay of Pcap files with an easy to use Pcap player.
HammerHead is a standards-based system which manages traffic data in the familiar, widely-used pcap format.